Do you find yourself using work to calm down when you are stressed? Is your schedule full of work-related activities? Maybe you have found yourself on several occasions working in the middle of a family event. If these scenarios define you, then chances are that you are addicted to work. While working hard on your career is beneficial, you need to draw a line so that you do not become a workaholic. Some of the ways to stop being a workaholic are:

Have Scheduled Breaks

Make it deliberate within your schedule to have breaks. Set a reminder that it is time for you stop working and engage in some other things. You can use your breaks to do something that gives you pleasure. Check out Unibet TV UK for live games and events that you can place a bet on. You can also use your break to simply relax, listen to some good music and forget about work for a brief moment.

Have a Work Plan

Most alcoholic people always end up doing a lot of too many random things, with some of the things not adding value to their work goals. Resist the urge to get into other people’s jobs as there are colleagues who will take advantage of your workaholism to dump all their responsibilities on you. Check your work objectives, and before you pick up something to do, you should ask how it relates to your overall goals and work plan.

Do Not Be Afraid of Asking For Help

Do not equate asking for help to being weak or not being competent at your job. Reach out to other people that you work with and ask them to help you where need be. Asking for help actually makes you look more of a team player because it shows that you trust people around you for help.